Angels watching over us!

We have always been told that there are Angels among us and watching over us, and you don’t have to go very far at Ingram Memorial to feel it’s true.  Standing in owner/operator, Susan Langley’s office you can see her fondness for angels… so when she decided to join the community’s Peanuts Around Town project, she knew that it had to be an ANGEL PEANUT!  Though the peanut does not yet have a “name,” the statue represents the heart of Ingram Memorial who gives their all to provide for the Wiregrass area’s memorial needs and works harder than anyone around to ensure each client is pleased beyond expectation.  Replica Plastics was honored to work with Ingram Memorial & Wes Hardin Design to restore and bring this beauty to life!  Check out Ingram Memorial and be sure to follow them on social media for a “peanut naming contest” Coming Soon!

We tip our hats to these “Tippers”!

If you live or have visited the city of Dothan, AL you don’t have to travel very far before noticing all of the uniquely designed Peanut statues in front of local businesses! As the Peanut capital of the world, Dothan began the tradition of using the statues as a way to creatively showcase local businesses; and boy has it caught on! You can view an interactive map at but for now we would like to introduce you to “TIP”! Tip is located in front of MDI (Click to Learn more about MDI)… though it took him a little while to make his debut 6 months ago, he has a great story! “Tip” was a gift of the MDI employees to Mark Dunning for Christmas. Contributions were made each Christmas until enough was raised to purchase and create Tip. Why the name Tip you may wonder? After a Facebook “name the MDI peanut” contest and over 560 entries, Laney Deloney (Kristie Harris Deloney, mother) was chosen as the winner. The name “Tip” was selected because the name resembles the MDI employees that ride the back of the residential collection truck. They are often referred to as “Tippers”. The name was a perfect fit! So we tip our hats to these Tippers throughout the southeast and to Tip the Peanut. Thank you for all you do in our community and so many others!

We Caught a BIG ONE!!

Over the course of this past year, I have learned SOOOO MUCH!  I’ve done more math and science than I have since high school & college  (we’ll just say “over 10 years ago”…so as not to disclose the fact that I have long since been out of school!) and experimented with so many different foams, resins and other composites that I had never even heard of before.  And you know what I’ve found… we can create ANYTHING (well just about anything!).  The Possibilities of fiberglass and foams is truly endless!  Take for example this 12+ foot tall Large Mouth Bass… this is a carved foam core, hard resin coated structure that we will be installing within a month for the great city of Eufaula, AL (which by the way, is the Large Mouth Bass Capital of the World).  They are in the process of laying out a cool splash pad and putting this “photo op” Bass at the entrance… How incredibly cool is that?!?  We will keep you posted as the artist begins tomorrow bringing this huge fish to life, and definitely will have footage of its’ unveiling next month!  Check out our video

A Girl in the Man’s world of Manufacturing

      The beginning of an incredible new journey!!! My name is Jenny Hendrix and I am the proud new owner of Replica Plastics. This first month has marked the beginning of an exciting adventure, navigating the world of fiberglass manufacturing. What I have learned mostly is that I have a LOT TO LEARN about classic cars and aftermarket auto parts (not to mention I should never wear black to work, or bring anything that I don’t want covered in “dust” or the fumes, oh my!!)…. So if you call and get me on the phone and have questions about your older model Chevy, GM, Buick, Oldsmobile, Pontiac or Cadillac, I will very likely have to “hold” and ask our awesome office manager, Ms. Carolyn, who has been with the company for nearly 30 years 😊 But I’m catching on quick and soaking it all in. I have loved talking to people all over the country (even the world) about their old cars and the great stories behind their automotive treasures… in fact, feel free to send your pics and stories so that I can enjoy and pass along!  This awesome web based business manufactures our parts right here in lower Alabama (shout out to #dothan #localmanufacturing #customlocalcreations) and ship all over the country and internationally. Bumper fillers and panels for older model classic cars? – we make those! The “Peanuts Around Town” and other custom “mascot” creations? – we make those! Insulated covers for plumbing and other needs? – we make those! Custom fiberglass products? – we even make those too!! So take this journey with me, and follow along, as it is bound to be humorous, insightful, exciting, challenging, creative and downright interesting adventure of “A GIRL IN THE MAN’S WORLD OF MANUFACTURING”! Stay tuned for my recap of actually working with the fiberglass production team 😊


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